Saturday, March 17, 2012

Messing With Nature

Because my drawing final is currently being hung for display I'm now posting a design project from last quarter.  For this we had to turn a object from nature into a man-made object in five steps. I turned a stick into scissors. No, I'm not a magician, just a....well...I'll keep that for myself.

Stick Switch Sciss

-gouche, ink

Friday, March 16, 2012

Color Theory

Probably because my hardest class taken yet. It was basically trial and error, that is to say I tried very hard and made many errors. The first design seen is one using a cool color template , inspired by cherry blossoms. The second is a template using traits of the first design using colors extracted from a magazine clipping. I think they are more like cousins than siblings.

The Strings Has Two Ends

It's time for spring break for my school, which means it's time for me to update this blog. *listens for cheers* * Hears crickets*
Fine, the project I worked on for a month was well.... a long process. I basically drew a hallway, or let's say the platform for stairs and added surreal elements to it keeping in mind lighting and balance. I guess this could be an extension of my concentration about the effects of control and question of ownership and freedom ( or it could I just wanted to draw marionettes for a longs time. You choose. But here are some process shots and my final product ( which I may go back and edit a bit, but I'm not sure yet) For my first time draw with ink ever, I think I did a fair job.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Miss Charcoal

There it is I said it. I have done a complete one-eighty since entering uuniversity, but anyway moving on. This is piece I finised this week...I think. My apologies, the days just mesh together now. It feels like I left finals and just walked back in and yet I still got something dragging me down. But Anyway. In this work I used forur other alternative ways of shading and rendering. I suppose one could only see them if the picture was enlarge and focuse but they are there. Can you find them? The most difficult part of this was the reflections of the glass and plastic. Not only that , but the fact that most of the materials I was drawing did not have many darks and were translucent, so not only did I have to draw the object , but was behind the object as well, and make it believable.  The next project I am taking on now, is going to take me about a month. I will probably not be updating. My apologies to the readers....if you're there ....


Okay now this is my Final Drawing from Last qaurter. Again, I couldn't post it because it was suppose to be on display, but now I have it back. Now those who have a question for the composition, I requested and got permission to do this display in this fashion.I think it was my favorite last qaurter. I never thought I'd say this but....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

IT Looks so Much like a Duck It Might as Well Be a Chicken

And then she made us add white charcoal. Now I have only used the item once or twice during high school, but the kicker is that we were using medium tone paper. The back charcoal was our darks, the white our lights and we were somehow suppose to draw this still-- With No Blending. the two charcoals could never touch! I truly forgot how many hours I spent on this, but I can't seem to shake this 'painterly' style everyone keeps saying I have. Doesn't mean I won't try.

Add a Little Difficulty

After we had grasped the basics of  perspective, ellipses, and placement ( or at least attempted to grasp them) , we moved to value. And what better medium to use than possibly the one of the messiest. Charcoal!  While my linear drawing took a better part of 19 hours, I believe I only spent a little over 15 hours on this. My favorite part? The lighting.

I'm Still Here

After much contemplation, rest, and time, I am now saying salutations to all of you who are reading. All three of you. Goodbye winter break! As I am returning back to the dorms the day after tomorrow, it is time to reflect on what was during my first quarter on college. This is my line still-life. The goal was to illustrate the items and the material they were made out of through the use of contour and cross-contour lines, without the uses of value. Now I have long held a intense aversion to still-lives but as those ten grueling weeks continued I can now say....well.... keep on  reading