Sunday, April 17, 2011

I My Me Mine

So many things are coming to a head, and just can't lie low anymore.  Do you think when they came up with the phrase " shoot yourself in the foot" if someone tested it out first. Moving on this is an "In Progress" pic of my mechanical piece. The piece is finished will be seen as soon as technology stops betraying me. *holds hammer over camera*.
I suppose I should explain the piece before I post the finished product so here it is and bare with me: In my concentration I said would stick to three classic games , chess, checkers (Chinese too) , and playing cards, but now I am think of adding toys. like dolls and puppets, because they fit so well with the concept of ' no control', and 'what one's role is'. To continue this I used two wind up dolls connected to each other through puppet strings. Now I know one can't see this, but each gild as the  ACE letter written somewhere on their bodies and I went really loose with making these girls the Ace and the Ace of Spades. According to my sources, some suits go nice with each while some don't work so great and when multiples of a suit show up it can cause a completely different  meaning , hence why this work has two main character's instead of one like I usually do. While each girl is moving on gears one can tell there's someone winding them up, yet they are trying to control each other through the strings. They pretty much getting no where, thus causing a  "Stalemate".

P.S. Remember to always blame technology!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break is a Misnomer

I should spell-check my posts more. And I should stop saying 'anyway' . Anyway ( I did it again!)  as the week draws to a close, I guess I should say my break was basically filled with paper-work, sleep, and campus tours, which equal two things: Mental breakdowns and sore feet. Basically my break was not fun, but when is it ever ? V_V
Okay, enough of my rants, when I return to school I will resume my mechanical art piece where we had to incorporate a realistic mechanical piece into our concetration. So far , I think I'm really missing the mark with this one, but I can't start over. You'll see what I mean by next week, but  soon I will have an ' in progress' pic up ( if my computer stops being a female dog)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am NOT the King of Nigeria!

The title for this post is a inside joke between me and a fellow classmate/ artist. You know who you are ......
 Anyway, I don;t know why my last picture isn;t showing. Recently, all my accounts have been on the blink.
Oh the joys of technology.
 Anyway this is probaly the second or third self-portrait I've done in four years  and I guess it didn't turn out that bad. Usually I've found that many of things I was afraid of or hated my freshman year of art I either enjoy or excel at now. Weird. Who knows , maybe my next concetration (if I ever get another one) will be portraits. Yes? Maybe? Probably not. '

And to those wondering, no I am not that scary, only when I need to be ( Now come to think of it...that's quite alot) ...