Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Break is a Misnomer

I should spell-check my posts more. And I should stop saying 'anyway' . Anyway ( I did it again!)  as the week draws to a close, I guess I should say my break was basically filled with paper-work, sleep, and campus tours, which equal two things: Mental breakdowns and sore feet. Basically my break was not fun, but when is it ever ? V_V
Okay, enough of my rants, when I return to school I will resume my mechanical art piece where we had to incorporate a realistic mechanical piece into our concetration. So far , I think I'm really missing the mark with this one, but I can't start over. You'll see what I mean by next week, but  soon I will have an ' in progress' pic up ( if my computer stops being a female dog)

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