Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I am NOT the King of Nigeria!

The title for this post is a inside joke between me and a fellow classmate/ artist. You know who you are ......
 Anyway, I don;t know why my last picture isn;t showing. Recently, all my accounts have been on the blink.
Oh the joys of technology.
 Anyway this is probaly the second or third self-portrait I've done in four years  and I guess it didn't turn out that bad. Usually I've found that many of things I was afraid of or hated my freshman year of art I either enjoy or excel at now. Weird. Who knows , maybe my next concetration (if I ever get another one) will be portraits. Yes? Maybe? Probably not. '

And to those wondering, no I am not that scary, only when I need to be ( Now come to think of it...that's quite alot) ...

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