Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Miss Charcoal

There it is I said it. I have done a complete one-eighty since entering uuniversity, but anyway moving on. This is piece I finised this week...I think. My apologies, the days just mesh together now. It feels like I left finals and just walked back in and yet I still got something dragging me down. But Anyway. In this work I used forur other alternative ways of shading and rendering. I suppose one could only see them if the picture was enlarge and focuse but they are there. Can you find them? The most difficult part of this was the reflections of the glass and plastic. Not only that , but the fact that most of the materials I was drawing did not have many darks and were translucent, so not only did I have to draw the object , but was behind the object as well, and make it believable.  The next project I am taking on now, is going to take me about a month. I will probably not be updating. My apologies to the readers....if you're there ....

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