Monday, November 15, 2010


Pain Pain Pain!! Okay, if this post sounds more tense my previous entries, I apologize. My back feels like it's had a tractor truck slammed into it for the past six hours, and by know in this state I shouldn't been making but, what the heck!- Let's get on with it!

The day- or should I say night- before I began this piece, was bad. I'll just say that, it was bad. So bad that I scrapped all my previous thought and immediately began the thumbnails for this and it pretty much illustrates what I wanted and I find the title extremely appropriate....or inappropriate. Hmm, I'm not getting into details. You tell me.

On a happy note (Ha!) I will be posting my recent piece soon, but more importantly something has occurred for me. I like my ideas. I love my ideas. In fact, I think my ideas are, for lack of a better word, great, but-and excuse my french- Mon execution suce. So I have this question, when a piece is done does one ask oneself is this piece done or is it done well.

Here is a lyric video- Tell me what comes mind

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