Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fifty-Two Pick UP!

To continue my theme of manipulation and control through games, I have shifted to chess and plating boards to cards. The foundation for this piece was the theme "Book It". I wanted to make the cards look like they were flying outward. I did not choose the cards' signs by random, I actully went through all 52 cards and found their basic meanings and chose the cards that relate to stories. And so, not neccessarily in order:
'Face Down Card' - The Unknown, Mystery
' Ace of Clubs' - New Endeavor, New Beginning
'Five of Daimonds'- Change in Scenery, Setting
'Seven of Clubs'- Competition, Fending Off One's Adversaries
'Joker'- 'Wild Card', Plot Twist
'Jack of Hearts'- Impractical, Immature, Kind, but Unrealistic -Basically the handsome, funny guy that's always the first to go...or burn

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